Newly published clinical trial report - Bright Kids

Join us to celebrate another peer-reviewed publication added to our product research. A clinical study found that Bright Kids® increases electrical activity in the brain of school children, during visual IQ tasks for sustained attention, working memory and memory span, along with improvements in reaction times for attention span.

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MBc Research Park

Located in Yinnar, within the picturesque heartland of Gippsland, the Max Biocare Research Park is the focal point of our dedication to practical innovation in sustainability. Visit our social media to see how gorgeous nature is at our Park:

Max Biocare is committed to helping promote happier, healthier lives through tailored, science-backed, natural products.

Committed to an evidence-based approach, Max Biocare allocates a substantial and continuing budget to research activities, including finished product clinical trials and specialist analysis.

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Max Biocare continues to build its evidence base, through structured, scientific evaluations of ingredient and product usage, safety and effectiveness. Where possible, the research is published in peer-reviewed journals, the gold standard in research communication. It also provides a way of sharing of information for improving public health.
Brain & Cardiovascular Health
Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Gastrointestinal Health
Metabolism Health
Muscular & Skeletal Health
PMS & Menopause Health
Sexual & Reproductive Health
Skin Health

Coming soon

  1. Botanicals and menopause: RCT shows Max Biocare women’s health supplement helps reduce symptoms, Nutra Ingredients Asia, Mar 2021
  2. Hormonal symptom formula, Vietnam, 2010
  1. A pre and post study of the effect and safety of Hominax to improve sperm health
    Trial status: completed, publication pending.
  2. Sexual health formula for men and women, Vietnam, 2007

Food & Nutrition

Max Biocare’s food and nutrition business focus is on scientifically-validated ingredients and innovative products, for both human and animal health and wellbeing.

Our Little Étoile formulations undergo extensive evidence-based research in maternal health and early childhood nutrition at different stages of development, from conception and beyond.

Our commitment to evidence-based, natural and trust is embedded in all products under the Max Biocare animal nutrition and Pawlavie ranges.

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Skin & Personal Care

Max Biocare offers skin and personal care solutions with naturally derived ingredients on both Belmarama and Pawlavie ranges.

Belmarama features innovative, advanced technology in skincare, with all products having been dermatologically validated. 

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The Pawlavie products are designed to ensure that healthy skin and coat conditions reflect our furry friends’ health and vitality. 

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