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Max Biocare Institute

Max Biocare Institute (MBCI) is the embodiment of Max Biocare’s firm belief that science and innovation are the key to helping improve the health and wellbeing of people’s lives, at all ages and stages. For further information, visit

Scientific Research

Clinical trials provide an objective, systematic approach towards the implantation of scientific principles in analysing the biological effects of ingredients and products intended for humans, and are among the most effective methods of implementing an evidence-based philosophy within industry and research.

Wherever clinical trials are performed on our ingredients or products, they must abide by rigorous regulatory standards for safety and ethical conduct, including ICH guidelines, the Declaration of Helsinki 2013, and Institutional Ethics Approval Boards.


Max Biocare’s products have been researched by leading academic and medical research professionals around the world, as a benchmark of the quality and reliability of our products.


Max Biocare continues to build its evidence base, through structured, scientific evaluations of ingredient and product usage, safety and effectiveness. Where possible, the research is published in peer-reviewed journals, the gold standard in research communication. It also provides a way of sharing of information for improving public health.

Brain & Cardiovascular Health
Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Gastrointestinal Health
Metabolism Health
Muscular & Skeletal Health
PMS & Menopause Health
Sexual & Reproductive Health
Skin Health

Coming soon

  1. Botanicals and menopause: RCT shows Max Biocare women’s health supplement helps reduce symptoms, Nutra Ingredients Asia, Mar 2021
  2. Hormonal symptom formula, Vietnam, 2010
  1. A pre and post study of the effect and safety of Hominax to improve sperm health
    Trial status: completed, publication pending.
  2. Sexual health formula for men and women, Vietnam, 2007