Max Biocare continues to reach more vulnerable children in China through OneSky Australia

Max Biocare continues to proudly support Half The Sky Australia, a charitable organisation which was recently renamed as OneSky Australia, to reach more abandoned and disadvantaged children in China.

In the first half of 2018, Max Biocare was able to help nearly 350 orphaned children in Hunan and Yunnan provinces, and more than 2,400 vulnerable young children by taking part in providing training to 492 caregivers participated in the National Training Program.

As part of the program, tailored trainings for the caregivers are conducted based on the individual needs of the institution. Knowing children’s physical and mental development patterns and the characteristics of their needs can help the caregivers become more confident in their abilities to change a child’s life and future. Some caregivers are now much more experienced with children with special needs after participating in the program. The activities they conduct are richer and the children are enjoying a range of fun classes such as painting, taekwondo, Chinese dancing and learning how to play the flute.

Max Biocare will continue to support OneSky Australia, and their mission to help disadvantaged children in China. We hope our contribution will help to nurture responsive care and transform the lives of children every day, and ensure that those in need are given the chance to be loved, cherished and cared for.

Max Biocare participates in various social contribution activities to help local communities in developing countries make positive change. Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities focus in the areas of healthcare and education.

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