Max Biocare Research Park

Our deep interest in scientifically-validated, natural medicines, and our love of nature has inspired us to diversify what we do, through the establishment of Max Biocare Research Park. It is a place where nature and science meet, and provides the perfect place for cultivating innovation.

About our Research Park

Located at Yinnar, in the picturesque heartland of South-West Gippsland, the Max Biocare Research Park is the focal point of our dedication to practical innovation in natural produce. We are blessed with abundant, natural resources that we manage with sustainability in mind.

Our interests include the development of organic medicinal and nutritional mushrooms, research on beekeeping and bee-derived products, generation of scientifically-validated ranges of herbal & botanical ingredients, and furthering our commitment to a sustainable future through novel biotechnology and community engagement. Ultimately, we aim to provide products and ingredients that are useful and practical.

How we operate

Work at Max Biocare Research Park begins by understanding the science behind what nature provides us. We employ the highest standards of quality and sustainability in all of our processes, so that the products of the research park are safe, effective and trustworthy.

Leading the Way in Bioscience and Healthcare

We have established a strong reputation as a provider of high-quality and innovative products. As we continue to expand our business across the southeast Asia region, we are supported by the Victorian State Government, which recognizes the company’s expertise and potential to drive growth in the region.

Under the leadership of Dr. George Thouas, Head of Research & Innovation, Max Biocare is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

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The “Bee Kind” Family Day

We held a successful “Bee Kind” Family Day event at Max Biocare Research Park in Yinnar, Gippsland, to raise awareness about the importance of bees and other pollinators. The event featured educational and fun activities for children from various schools, thanks to the support of the Gippsland Apiary Association and local organizations. We’re dedicated to promoting environmental protection and sustainability and plan to organize similar events in the future.

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