About the Team

Since day one of founding Max Biocare, Technical Director Tom van Wunnik, ND. RT. NU. has led his team of scientists and technical professionals to create natural health products based on scientific evidence-based research and traditional medicine. Ensuring that his team have a clinical and scientific approach in the different business areas (e.g. product development, quality control) has been fundamental at Max Biocare.

For nearly two decades, the Max Biocare team have dedicated themselves to formulating health products that make a difference in people's lives - 'Helping people live healthier and happier'. We take pride in our health products, and over the years have established Max Biocare as a trusted Australian brand for health professionals and consumers.

Tom van Wunnik, ND. RT. NU. Fellow of ANTA (since 1968)

Co-Founding and Technical Director

Tom van Wunnik's career as a practicing Naturopath spans over four decades. As Technical Director at Max Biocare, he draws upon his expertise in natural medicines to head the Research and Development, and Regulatory Affairs departments.

In 1968, Tom established his clinic in Natural Therapies, Nutrition, Iridology, Remedial Therapies and Massage in Melbourne, Australia. As a Naturopath, he uses a holistic approach to wellness based on the principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Using natural therapeutic formulations that are based on evidence-based scientific research and traditional medicine, he helps patients alleviate a wide range of health conditions that include fatigue, stress related ailments, digestive problems and general aches and pains.

Tom's career history includes Director roles in various Manufacturing companies from 1970 - 1998. The companies manufactured over the counter (OTC) products such as tablets, capsules, liquids, creams, lotions and health foods. He has in depth knowledge of all areas in the industry, including product research and development for various health conditions for different patients and markets, to product registration with the Australian Department of Health - Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and overseas markets.

George Thouas, BSc, MRepSc, PhD

Head of Research and Development

George Thouas is an experienced biomedical senior scientist, with nearly two decades of experience in academic research. He heads the Research and Development team, overseeing new product development projects for different health conditions at Max Biocare.

George studied at Monash University, completing his Bachelor's degree in biochemistry and human anatomy. Having found his passion for scientific research, he furthered his education with a Doctoral degree specialising in cellular physiology and development. In his career as a research scientist, George has worked on research projects that include clinical IVF, reproductive and developmental biology, stem cell biology, molecular immunology, tissue engineering and biotechnology. He has authored and co-authored over 50 publications including a text book, book chapters, over 30 peer reviewed papers and several conference proceedings.

With his extensive background in scientific research, George has a special interest in developing formulations for male and female reproductive health, general health conditions that include musculoskeletal function, metabolic balance and immunity.

Shveta Mehta, BSc, MSc

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Shveta Mehta has an extensive background in analytical science, quality control and regulatory affairs, with close to 20 years of industry experience. She brings her expertise to Max Biocare and manages the Regulatory Affairs department. The responsibilities of her team include regulatory strategies, product life-cycle planning, evaluation of regulatory impact on proposed products, dossier preparation for product registration in local and international markets.

Shveta completed her Bachelor's of Science and Master's of Science, majoring in Microbiology at Punjab Agricultural University. Before specialising in regulatory affairs, she worked as a Chemist and Analytical Scientist at companies that include Sigma Pharmaceuticals, Mayne Pharmaceuticals and Catalent Pharma Solutions. Catalent Pharma Solutions is a leading provider of advanced technologies, development, manufacturing and packaging for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consumer health products. It was at Catalent Pharma Solutions where Shveta transitioned her career path and moved in to regulatory affairs.

Shveta is passionate about her work in regulatory affairs because it is a versatile area, requiring in depth expertise about quality, manufacturing, product release, government regulations, which allows her to apply her technical knowledge and lead her team.

Leilani Paller, Bachelor of Science – Agriculture (Animal Nutrition)

Technical Assistant

Leilani Paller has close to 20 years of experience in Science and Quality Assurance. In her role as Technical Assistant at Max Biocare, Leilani specialises in ensuring compliance with Australia’s TGA regulatory standards, preparation of technical dossiers and approval of manufacturing and packaging specifications.

She completed her Bachelor of Science degree at University of the Philippines, with a major in Agriculture – Animal Nutrition in 1997. In 2000, Leilani furthered her education by completing post graduate studies in Animal Nutrition. She commenced her career as an Animal Nutritionist in a Commercial Feed Toll manufacturing company in Philippines. From 2007 to 2015, Leilani worked as the Quality Assurance Officer and Associate at Probiotec Limited. Her responsibilities included Quality assurance and control, auditing batch documentation for product release and preparation of master formulation for products.

Leilani is passionate about her work at Max Biocare because she is able to use her extensive experience in Regulatory and Quality compliance.

Mark Waddingham, BBiomedSci (Pharm Sci), BSc (Hons), PhD

Research and Development Associate

Mark Waddingham is an experienced research scientist with a special interest in health conditions that include obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. He joined Max Biocare in 2016 as a Research and Development Associate to work with the team on new product development projects.

Mark completed a bachelor of biomedical science at RMIT University in 2010 and subsequently undertook a PhD research scholarship at the University of Melbourne (2012). In his PhD studies, he examined the mechanisms that drive the development of heart disease type-1 and type-2 diabetes. This research yielded several peer-reviewed publications in international journals. Mark has also presented his research findings at numerous national and international scientific meetings.

Chidkamon Tonkan, BPharm, MBA

Regulatory Affairs Officer

Chidkamon Tonkan has a background in pharmaceutical science, with more than 10 years of industry experience. In her role as a Regulatory Affairs Officer at Max Biocare, she is involved in new product development and documentation for product registration in different countries.

Chidkamon Tonkan completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy at Chiangmai University (Thailand), with a major in Pharmaceutical science in 2004. In 2016, she completed her Master of Business Administration at Central Queensland University. Chidkamon has transferred her knowledge from theory to practice through two internships in The Government Pharmaceutical Organisation and Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital - Thailand’s best known domestic brand of herbal medicine. She commenced her career as a Pharmacist, working in community and hospital pharmacies in Thailand, including Queen Sikirit National Institute of Child health. In 2007, Chidkamon joined the Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd. as a Medical Representative, specializing in cardiovascular disease, where she collaborated with healthcare organisations, presented clinical research and answered inquiries from healthcare professionals.

Having found her passion for health and wellbeing, she enjoys applying her pharmaceutical knowledge and experience to complementary medicine, a class of therapeutic goods. She is dedicated to her work at Max Biocare because it allows her to use evidence-based approach and further develop an in-depth scientific and technical knowledge of healthcare products.