Our Commitment

Max Biocare’s teams are committed to ongoing participation in the communities around us, through monetary and in-kind contributions. These include our local Australian communities, as well as overseas communities in need.

Evidence-Based - Natural - Trust

To realise our promise to our partners, patients, and consumers, and in particular the promises of product efficacy, safety, and value, we rely on a systematic, rigorous evidence-based approach.

We are dedicated to methodically and critically evaluating the best available evidence during our research and development process, and investing in clinical trials wherever possible. This level of stringency is also applied to our unique quality management system.


We are committed to delivering on our stakeholder promise of practicing a systematic, research-backed approach to all our processes.

We do this by methodically and critically evaluating the best available evidence through our research and development phases, and as an integral part of our quality management system.


Our preference is towards offerings of natural origin, and we maintain this through the meticulous sourcing and generation of naturally-derived ingredients and materials.

And implementing practices and systems that support nature and sustainability as much as possible, ensuring the highest standards possible for our customers and partners.

Passionate about nature

We are constantly amazed by nature’s powers of resilience and regeneration, which have inspired centuries of evolution in natural therapies. We strive to reinforce traditional knowledge with evidence from contemporary research.

Naturally sustainable practices

The purity and potency of natural ingredients are reflected in how they are derived. Organic growing processes, minimally invasive growing practices, and using renewable resources, are some ways of protecting their natural state now and into the future.

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We have trust in the standards we maintain, and in the integrity of our teams. By delivering on our promises to ourselves and our stakeholders, we are also rewarded with their trust. It is a two-way street and ensures a long and fruitful journey.


Quality Management

With over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and nutrition sciences, Max Biocare has refined its stringent quality management system (QMS), a framework that is now implemented across all our ingredient and product lines, and business practices.

Our QMS guarantees compliance with the strictest regulations of any market we operate in, while assuring resilience to issues encountered over time. Additional, voluntary measures ensure that our offerings remain fit for what they were designed and formulated to do.

Corporate Governance

“At Max Biocare, we are committed to helping people live happier and healthier lives. We share a set of core values: honesty, integrity and respect for people. By making a commitment to these in our working lives, each of us plays our part in protecting and enhancing the company’s reputation” – Justin Lau, President.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for Max Biocare sets out the principles, practices and standards of personal conduct expected of everyone who works for Max Biocare. The Code comprises of principles that apply to various aspects of our working environment, including how we interact with colleagues, and how we engage third parties to perform work for us or to represent us.

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Antibribery & Corruption

Max Biocare is committed in maintaining high standards of ethics and integrity, public confidence and good corporate governance with assurance that our employees are not influenced by bribery or corruption.

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Integrity of research conduct

All research conducted on Max Biocare ingredients and products is conducted with the highest levels of integrity and responsibility, by abiding with:

  • ICH clinical trial regulations
  • The Declaration of Helsinki 2001
  • Institutional Ethics Committees for human research
  • Peer review and research quality standards for journal publication


Sustainability is an ongoing journey that we all must embark on, should we wish to survive and prosper.

Having relied on nature’s co-operation and good will for all of our products and business since day one, Max Biocare has always been acutely aware of the impact our actions have on the environment, and vice-versa.

Our decisions and actions are guided by the knowledge that our own success and prosperity is dependent on our relationship with the environment, habitat, and societies in which we operate.

The same vision and belief in sustainable conduct is shared across the Max Biocare Group, covering all aspects of our business.

We are committed to:

  • Upholding integrity, quality, and ethical conduct in all of our activities and business dealings
  • Minimizing environmental impact through compliance with sustainable packaging guidelines, responsible sourcing, and integration with ecosystems
  • Embracing economic sustainability by supporting local community and social networks, and integrating with the wider public

Sustainable Packaging

Max Biocare envisions a world where packaging is sourced responsibly, designed to be safe and effective throughout its life cycle, meets market criteria for performance and cost, and can be recycled efficiently as a valuable resource for the next generation.

To realise this vision, Max Biocare’s proactive approach is to achieve sustainable packaging outcomes by working together with the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), a co-regulatory. Not for profit organisation leading the development of a circular economy for packaging in Australia (APCO Annual Report and Action Plan).

As part of our own commitment, we have developed a strategy towards packaging sustainability with the following objectives;

  • We are committed to support Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets
  • We will promote our packaging sustainability objectives and targets within our organisation and to our external stakeholders (suppliers, final consumers, community groups etc.).
  • We will use our Sustainable Packaging guidelines (SPG’s) to review and assess packaging materials and identify any opportunities for improvement.
  • We aim to use recycled materials in our packaging where this is feasible.
  • We will optimise packaging design to include information for consumers on recyclability or correct disposal.
  • We will develop a system to collect and recycle used packaging generated at our facilities.
  • We will implement policies to ensure employees are aware of their obligations to protect the environment for the benefit of the wider community.


Our commitment to sustainable packaging

Responsible Sourcing

Regardless of the materials and services we source from external suppliers and service providers, we always prioritize working with groups who have shared ethics and beliefs in sustainability and quality.

100% of our current suppliers and service providers have embarked on their own unique journey towards operational goals that help them strive for improved sustainability.

Environmental impact reduction & ecosystem integration

An ongoing initiative has been in implementation at Max Biocare’s Research Park, where our dream of a sustainable future is being realized. For further information, access Max Biocare’s Research Park.


Community Outreach

We are all part of one world, and our actions don’t just impact others, but ultimately affect our own wellbeing and prosperity. We therefore adopt a “feed-forward” approach to community engagement.

Max Biocare’s teams are committed to ongoing participation in the communities around us, through monetary and in-kind contributions. These include our local Australian communities, as well as overseas communities in need.

Charity donations

Max Biocare makes regular donations of our products (food and medicine) and funds to charities and community groups in need, such as Food Bank, the Salvation Army, Uniting, and St Kilda Mums.

International community support

We have regular, annual involvements in countries including Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and Laos, to support local communities and not-for-profit organizations. Our donation of funds and products (food and medicine), as well as event sponsorships, support initiatives such as establishing community gardens and community education programs.


Max Biocare’s evidence-based approach filters through to all levels of operation, with a key priority being the continual growth of our evidence base, as demonstrated in the growing list of published studies featured throughout our online pages.

While the knowledge gained in this process helps us to ensure the reliability of our ingredients and products, it also provides an opportunity and sense of responsibility to pay knowledge forward.

Drawing from 20+ years of expertise and networking in our diverse cross-section of areas in biosciences, nutrition, medicine, pharma, and healthcare, allows us to educate and inform the wider public in key areas such as healthy ageing, and natural medicines and nutrition

Max Biocare Institute also offers educational and enrichment programs to local schools through the Max Biocare Research Park initiative