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Max Biocare continues to build its evidence base, through structured, scientific evaluations of ingredient and product usage, safety and effectiveness. Where possible, the research is published in peer-reviewed journals, the gold standard in research communication. It also provides a way of sharing of information for improving public health.

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  1. Sociodemographic factors and parental views associated with use of an omega-3 supplement for their children, ScienceDirect, Feb 2022
  2. Socio-demographic factors, beliefs and health perceptions associated with use of a commercially available Ω-3 fatty acid supplement: A cross-sectional study in Asian countries, ScienceDirect, Mar 2021
  3. Status, education and pre-existing conditions: The key drivers of omega-3 supplementation in China, Thailand and Vietnam, Nutra Ingredients Asia, Feb 2021
  4. The effect of omega-3 supplementation on cognitive function in children: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
    Trial status: completed, publication pending. For further information, about the trial procedures, visit (enter “TCTR20190418001” in search bar)
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    Trial status: completed, publication pending.
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