As part of our commitment to R&D, we partner with leading universities and hospitals worldwide on a number of clinical research projects. R&D is fundamental to our product development, and we will continue to invest in the area to develop leading formulations that are efficacious and improve people’s lives.

Located in the heart of one of Australia’s fastest growing economic regions, Western Sydney University offers unlimited potential to students with the talent, drive and ambition to succeed. Ranked amongst the top two per cent of universities in the world, Western Sydney University value academic excellence, integrity and the pursuit of knowledge. Western Sydney University is globally focused, research-led and committed to making a positive impact on the communities it engages with. As a dynamic place of learning, Western Sydney University continue to challenge traditional notions of what a university ‘should’ be by pushing the boundaries of how knowledge is exchanged. Western Sydney University are unlocking the potential of the next generation of global citizens, leaders and change-makers.

Western Sydney University’s NICM is Australia’s leader in integrative and complementary medicine research and policy. Seed funded by the Commonwealth and NSW State Governments, NICM plays a key national role in ensuring Australians have access to reliable evidence on complementary medicines and treatments in wide use. As an ERA 5 ranking institute, NICM is globally recognised for its world-class research and innovations in integrative and complementary medicine. Visit and

ClinMed Pharma have 13 years of experience with investigational medicinal products research study projects. ClinMed Pharma is a Polish contract research organization that provides services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies in all phases of clinical trials, including clinical trial application to Regulatory Authority and Ethics Committee. Its specialist research sites are run by qualified medical staff.

Mahidol University, Faculty of Public Health

The Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University is the first public health academic institution in Thailand. It is a leading medical university in Thailand. The Faculty of Public Health is committed to research that is designed to solve social problems, generate new bodies of knowledge and innovations. Academic researchers conduct high quality research studies and publish in international peer reviewed journals.

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